Classes offered range from basic to advance depending on the instructor and demand from students. To keep knowledge within reach many courses will have a free introduction and paid classes will have scolarships and barter options. Sample classes are below, some of which have already been held in our community.   

Up-cycle Skills

Garden Skills

Culinary arts



Automotive repair

Small engine repair

Generator basics

Solar power systems

Water catchment and distribution

Computer systems

Video Production

Audio and music production

3D Design and printing

Air Conditioning

Home electrical systems


Sewing and leather

Wood working and cabinetry

Machine shop skills

Black Smithing

Business administration and finances

Sand Casting and forging

Composting and recycling


Alternative energy

Earth Ship building

Canning and fermentation

Surf board shaping and design

Programming Microprocessors

Crypto currency (bitcoin Coqui etc…)

Web site design and hosting

Graphic Design

Ecological Farming

Oceanography and water testing

Youth Programs:

Basic video editing and production

3d modeling

programming computers

programming micro controllers


Music sequencing and recording

Gardening & farming

Sewing and leather

screen printing